Singaporean still in title hunt

1st February, Kuwait: Two gold medalist, New Hui Fen is still in the title hunt after finishing a creditable fifth position in the Girl’s first block Masters finals at the 15th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship on Monday. Malaysia’s Hee Kar Yen set the early pace winning both her two opening matches in the 8-game Round-Robin finals this morning. But Korea’s Kim Hyun Mi, who won her first three matches with 249, 267 and 269, took over the lead.

Singapore’s New Hui Fen also was in sizzling form winning her first three matches with 262, 248 and 244 to take up second followed by another Korean, Kim Yeon Ju just 4 pins adrift Hui Fen.

Kim Hyun Mi won her fourth match with 248 but lost her next two despite downing back-to-back 236 handing the lead to Singles silver medalist, Misaki Mukotani of Japan.

But the 22-year-old petite Hyun Mi bounced back by winning the last two matches with 245 and 269 to end the block back in the lead with 2079.   Lee Yeon Ji snatched second spot with 1967 after Misaki shot a low game of 158 in her last match to slip down to third with 1898. Kim Yeon Ju took fourth spot with 1857.

Hui Fen lost her last three matches to drop down to fifth spot on a total of 1835 but is only 35 pins adrift third-placed Mukotani keeping alive her hopes of a spot in the stepladder finals.

Krishna Darshini amassed 1820 despite winning five of the eight matches contested while triple gold medalist, Bernice Lim managed to win three matches to take up tenth position with 1781. Meanwhile, Singapore’s Benjamin Lim finished better of the two Singaporeans in the finals in seventh position. Benjamin downed 1838 from four wins while Justin Lim Chun Liang won three matches but lost five to end the block in tenth position.

But Benjamin is 153 pins off third-placed Hong Hae Sol and will need massive efforts in an attempt to make the top 3 stepladder cut. Hong Kong’s wonder kid and two gold medalist, Michael Mak topped the block with 2178 and comfortably in front with 136 pins margin.

Singles gold medalist, Shin Seung Hyeon of Korea settled for second spot with 2042. Team gold medalist, Aris Ardila of Malaysia took fourth spot with 1945.   The boys will resume with their second block in the afternoon after the girls complete theirs in the morning. The top 3 girls and top 3 boys will advance to the stepladder finals for the last two gold medals.

Detailed scores: Girl’s Masters Block 1 | Boy’s Masters Block 1. Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuwait.