Singaporean ends Busan women’s domination

23rd November, Jakarta: Singapore's Bernice Lim ended Busan's domination in the women's division by snatching the lead in the first block Masters finals of the 21st Asian Intercity Bowling Championship at Artha Gading Bowling Centre Friday evening.

As the women took to the lanes of their first block of 8 game round-robin matchplay, as expected, Busan's Park Eun Sun took an immediate lead from Singapore's Teo Li Ying in second. But the lead was quickly snatched up by four-gold medalist, Yoo Sung Hee of Busan with Jakarta's Go Lily in close company.

The lead changed hands again as another Busan women, Jang Jee Hyang shot to the front after three games but the lead was short-lived as Park regained the lead at the halfway mark by 18 pins from teammate, Jang.

Whilst the Korean girls were battling for the lead, Singapore's Bernice Lim, who did not have a great start, slowly gained momentum to draw closer to the four Koreans. Jang held the lead till game 7 but Bernice was right on her tail, 38 pin adrift.

An outstanding 223 and a win in the final game allowed Bernice to snatch the lead at the end of the block to finish with a total of 1742 abiet only winning 4 matches. Four Busan women took second to fifth spots behind the Singaporean youngster.

"I just could not get into my usual rythmn and when Francis pointed out what I was doing wrong, I immediately made the corrections and I was able to bowl better," said Bernice, who was the youngest-ever female to win the Indonesia Open Masters crown in August this year.

Teo Li Ying who started well in second, dropped to 13th behind two teammates, Geraldine Ng and Gina Lim in 10th and 11th positions respectively. The women will continue their second block tomorrow (Saturday) morning before the men return to the lanes for their second block in the afternoon.

Detailed scores: Women's 1stBlk MastersPhotos by Terence Yaw.