Singapore duo clinches bronze medal

5th September, Hong Kong: Singapore’s Shayna Ng and Jazreel Tan topped the third and final squad of the Women’s Doubles event at the 22nd Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships to clinch the bronze medal on Wednesday.  Singles gold medalist, Sin Li Jane and World Women’s Championship Singles gold medalist, Jacqueline Sijore had topped the opening squad of the Doubles event with 2565 trailed by China and Korea in second and third.

Singapore’s first pair of New Hu Fen and Amanda Ng managed a respectable fourth spot with 2345 with Chinese Taipei rounding out the top 5.

But the Koreans demonstrated their consistency when Singles silver medalist and Singapore Open champion, Jung Da-Wun and Kim Moon-Jeong toppled Squad 1 leader with 2573 to emerge as the new overall leader.

Singapore’s second pair of Charie Tan and Daphne Tan totaled 2459 to finish a distant second to the Korean pair while China’s Yang Sui-ling and Zhang Yu-Hong claimed third spot with 2426.

Chinese Taipei’s Chou Chia-Chen and Tsai Hsin-Yi set a blistering pace in the third and final squad to lead the field as Singapore’s third pair of Shayna Ng and Jazreel Tan in hot pursuit.Although both the front runners was bowling consistently, their total pinfalls did not appear that they can challenge the overall leader, Korea and the second place holder, Malaysia.

The Taiwanese folded up in their final game and Ng and Tan fired 422 to snatch the lead of the squad with 2513 which netted the Singapore pair a hard-earned bronze medal. Korea claimed the gold medal with 2573 and Malaysia the silver medal with 2565.

Daphne and Cherie completed the top 5 while Hui-Fen and Amanda ended in 11th position. Li Jane retained her lead in the All Events standings with 3258 followed by Kim Moon-Jeong and Cherie in second and third.

Keith Saw gave Singapore its first gold when he won the Men’s Singles event on the opening competition day. But the men drew a blank in the Doubles event with Basil Low and Keith the best finisher in 11th overall.

Detailed scores: Women’s Doubles Combined | Men’s Doubles Combined | Photo Album.Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong.