National bowlers make impact

16th July, Daejeon: National bowlers competing at It’s Daejeon International Open 2012 made impact in both the Men’s and Women’s Open qualifying rounds with Remy Ong and Shayna Ng topping the overseas pool in their respective divisions.  Remy Ong opened with a superb 706 in his first attempt. The Singapore southpaw then followed it up with 660 and 597 for a 9-game aggregate of 1963 putting Ong in the lead of the overseas pool.

JPBA’s Suzuki Motoshi, who was second with 1862, was pushed down to third after Hong Kong’s Wu Siu Hong totaled 1895 to take up second. Ong’s team-mate, Benjamin Lim impressed with 1845 for fourth position.

Other national men at the tournament were Alexander Tan (8th-1798), Ng Tiac Pin (11th-1600) while Ng Chiew Pang and Keith Saw has yet to register three attempts.

Korean national bowler, Cho Young-Seon took over the lead from overnight leader, Kim Kyung-Min after becoming the first qualifier to register an 800-series. Cho downed 814, 710 and 698 for the lead in the local pool with 2222.

Kyung-Min settled for second with 2213 while other Korean national bowlers occupied positions 4 to 9.

The current cut in the local and overseas pool (mixed) is held by Kang Ju-Young with 1753. The top qualifiers from the 30 local pool, top 30 qualifiers from the overseas pool and top 60 from the mixed pool will qualify for the 9-games Round 1 Masters finals.

While Jung Da-Wun continued to lead the Women’s Open local pool with 2063, overseas qualifiers were beginning to make progress. World Women Championship Singles bronze medalist, Shayna Ng of Singapore topped the table with 1913.

DHC International champion, Cherie Tan slipped to second with 1846 after briefly occupying top spot earlier. Jazreel Tan and Jamine Yeong-Nathan completed Singapore’s domination by taking tup third and foruth spots.

Other Singapore women, Geraldine Ng finished sixth with 1802 while Kristel Oh has yet to complete three series.

The current cut at 25th position in the Women’s Open mixed pool is held by Kwon Eun-Sil with a 9-game tLly of 1823. The top qualifiers from the 10 local pool, top 10 qualifiers from the overseas pool and top 25 from the mixed pool will qualify for the 9-games Round 1 Masters finals.

Qualifying will end tomorrow and the Youth Boys and Girls Masters finals will be held on July 18 morning. The Men’s Open Round 1, divided into two squads will contest the finals in the afternoon.

Detailed scores: Men’s Open Qualifying | Women’s Open Qualifying | Phot Album.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Daejeon.