Fund raiser by Singaporean

28th July, Singapore: Reigning AMF World Cup champion and national bowler, Shayna Ng had her hair shaved off and raised S$12,000 at her 4.00pm slot during the ’Hair for Hope 2013’ fund raiser held over two days at the Vivo City.

Mrs Jessie Phua, President of SingaporeBowling, her husband Mr Jimmy Phua, Ms Wendy Kuan, general manager of SingaporeBowling, team-mates, Jasmine Young-Nathan, Kristel Oh and her family members were there to give their full support.

Jessie Phua and Jimmy Phua donated S$1,000 as a support to Shayna’s brave good cause to create awareness to cancer Children and wanted to let them kmow that they are no alone.

Jessie, who is so proud of her brave gesture and thoughts, hopes to see more national bowlers will do likewise to return to the community. Mr Robin Yap, Vice President of SingaporeBowling, other council members and national coaches have also made donations.

Jimmy Phua also had his hair shaved off at the event to show his full support in action! The on line pledge for Shayna will be closed on August 30, 2013 and friends of bowling, you are most welcome to do your part!

Photos by SingaporeBowling.