Breakfast with Team Singapore Roadshow


29th June, Singapore: National bowlers, Cherie Tan and Jazreel Tan played host to the “Breakfast with Team Singapore Roadshow” at Swiss Cottage Secondary School, Bukit Batok on Wednesday.

Other national bowlers, Geraldine Ng, Shayna Ng and Daphne Tan also joined Cherie and Jazreel during which they gave talks on bowling and shared their experiences in competition with the enthusiastic students at Swiss Cottage.

SingaporeBowling brought along the portable lane for the students and kids to have a taste of bowling. The national bowlers were, of course on hand to show them how to bowl as well as gaving the kids valuable tips.

In return, both Cherie and Jazreel were given an opportunity to try out the “Vertical Rock Climbing” and the bowlers thoroughly enjoyed it.




Photos by SingaporeBowling.