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Singaporeans make TV finals


Singaporeans make TV finals 6th August, Citrus Addison, Illinois: Shayna Ng and New Hui Fen of Singapore made the TV Stepladder finals of the 2016 US Women's Open after finishing second and third to leader, Shanon Pluhowsky of Dayton, Ohio, USA. Ng, who led the Match-play Round 1 with 8523, had slipped [...]

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Ng maintains lead


Ng maintains lead 5th August, Citrus Addison, Illinois: Shayna Ng of Singapore maintained her lead in the 2016 US WOmen's Open after the first eight games match-play rounds with a total of 8523 pinfall at The Stardust Bowl on Friday. Ng, who started the day in fifth position and 173 pins adrift, [...]

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Singapore picks up first medal


Singapore picks up first medal 2nd August, Lincoln, Nebraska: Amabel Chua came close to winning the prestigious Masters gold medal but settled for the Girl's Masters silver at the concluding 14th World Youth Championships at Sun Valley Lanes on Tuesday. Chua, who made the Masters finals finishing 19th out of 24 qualifiers [...]

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