Where the forces combine

6th March, Singapore: Susan Tan and Jenny Oon combined to narrowly capture the Women’s Doubles Challenge 2010 title at Orchid Bowl @ Orchid Country Club on Saturday by just 10 pins from Fanny Lee and Suzie Tan.

Bowling has been perceived by many as an individual sport, but not at the Women Doubles Bowling Challenge 2010! Joining forces as doubles, women joined in this annual event where each one walked away with a goody bag and attractive prizes.

Just like every other participant, Mrs Susan Tan and Mrs Jenny Oon were there to play the game. Susan had joined in the Women Doubles the year before when her friend first introduced her to it and she feels that it is a good way to catch up with her old friends.


“I previously bowled in the Senior Women Opens before I joined the Women Doubles. I have been bowling for more than 20 years now and I do encourage more women to take up the sport.”

Susan do agree that bowling has helped to build up her relationships with her other female friends especially when it comes to overcoming challenges along the games, a pat on the shoulder or a warm hug would help in a form of encouragement to strengthen their friendship. Mrs Susan Tan and Mrs Jenny Oon, unexpectedly were the champion team in the Women Doubles Bowling Challenge.

Another female bowler who agrees with Mrs Tan is Kwa Ai Teng, 17, who is a national development squad bowler. She feels that through bowling, it has helped to build relationships with other female bowlers and also helped her to gain exposure in teamwork and giving her partner emotional support at the same time.

She said, “When I participate in this event, I have learnt how to be a support to my partner and also be there to share her feelings whether we win or lose.” Ai Teng hopes to see more women bowling as it is a fun indoor sport and there are a lot of skills to pick up from it.

“Sports participation ensures a healthy lifestyle, especially when women generally outlive men,” said Mrs Deborah Tan, Principal of Singapore Sports School, who is the Guest-of-Honour at the event.

  Many would think that bowling balls are heavy to carry and that bowling requires a lot of skills but as agreed by Mrs Tan, the entry barrier is low and it is a sport that is easy to pick up. Most importantly, it is to bowl with passion and enjoy the sport.

Bowling has not only bridged the gap between women of all ages but also helped to maintain fitness and ensure a healthy lifestyle amongst many. Pursuing the sport has helped these women in widening their social network and strengthening friendship with their friends. If they can do it, so can you! So why wait? Bowl now!

Written by Phoebe Cheong, Republic Polytechnic. Photos by SingaporeBowling.