Stage set for Grand finale

24th Ocotber, Singapore: With the third round of the Centre of Excellence Circuit 2011 completed, the stage is all set for each of the top 8 qualifiers from the three levels - A, AA and AAA boys and girls to battle for glory.

At the final round of the Centre of Excellence Circuit 2011 on October 22nd, Rachel Koh Shi Yi almost won her back-to-back title but was denied by Kimberly Ooi when she lost 169-204 in the title match of the Girl’s Level AA & AAA division.

Koh, who was seeded third, defeated No.2 seed, Tay Hui Wen, 203-195 to meet top seed Ooi in the finals but just could not repeat her form when it mattered most.

Despite finishing as first runner-up in the final round, Rachel has accummulated a total of 140 points from just two rounds. She took the Round 2 title on September 11 at Orchid Bowl @ SAFRA Tampines in her first attempt.


Kimberly qualifed for the Grand finals in second with 115 points with a win in this round and finishing fifth in the second round. Tay Hui Wen has 105 points from a second in Round 1, a fourth in Round 2 and third in this round.

The remaining five qualifiers were Freda Chia Shu Ling (4th-104), Rachel Tan Mei Chan (5th-95), Charmaine Lim (6th-85), Darolyn Tan Jia Lin (7th-71) and Wong Li Xuan (8th-70).

Meanwhile, Muhd Danial of Singapore Sports School made the Grand finals with a victory in the final round. Danial, who only had 63 points before Round 3 defeated top seed, Tay Hui Chiang, 194-179 to earn the valuable 80 points needed to qualify.

Danial had earlier ousted third seed, Alex Chong to earn a crack at the third round title. Chong finished three rounds on top the Boy’s Level AAA rankings with 125 points by winning the first round on September 4 at Orchid Bowl @ SAFRA Yushin and managed a 10th place finish in Round 2.

Joel Tan, winner of the second round is second although having the same points as Chong. Tan finished third in the opening round and finished fifth in the third round. Danial is third with 115 points.

The other five Boy’s AAA qualifiers were Tay Hui Chiang (4th-100), Mexx Lee (5th-80), Darren Ong (6th-75), Bryan Lee Oon Seng (7th-75) and Kenneth Ong Chee Chong (8th-70).

Zachery Wong Yang Kai headed the Boy’s AA rankings with 140 points followed by Marcus Leong with 115 and Jasper Tan Yan Wei third with 96 points. Marcus Kiew (96), Brian Seet Zhi Hao (95), Lim Sean Jet (90), Keth G F Tan (66) and Basil Ng (64) made the finals from fourth to eighth.

Rena Ng topped the Girl’s Level A rankings with 160 points from two wins and a second. Ann Teng and Syasya Ismail tied second spot with 120 points. Sarah Seow (90), Vanessa Kaeth Ang (85), Goh Tze En (58), Fion Lim Si (52) and Isabelle Tan Yinn Lyn (40) qualified from fourth to eighth.

Brandan Tan led the Boy’s Level A rankings with 160 points from two wins and a third place followed by Round 2 winner, Sean Gabriel Wong in second with 125 points. Norman Cai finished third with 105 points.

Soh Yong Ping (100), Francis Lim Kuan (100), Joel Lee Zheng Xian (64), Kuek Zheng Wei (63) and Daniel Lau Miang Hui (54) made the Grand finals from fourth to eighth positions.

Photos by SingaporeBowling.