Singaporeans making good progress

22nd September, Manila: Singapore's Remy Ong and Mark Wong made good progess on Day 4 qualifying rounds of the 7th Euro-Med Storm International Masters Challenge on Tuesday. Ong, who was 35th overnight, took to the lanes at the 1.00pm squad on Day 4 wo roll 215, 225 and an almost perfect 299 for a 3-game series of 739. The Bahrain Open champion then managed 678 at the 4.00pm squad for an aggregate total of 1417.

His superb effort put him eighth on Day 4 qualifying and 29th overall. Ong's team-mate, Mark Wong finished slightly better when he tied with Korean Jeong Tae Hwa in sixth position with 1429.

Wong shot 726 with lines of 254, 227 and 245 at the 12.00pm squad and 222, 248 and 233 for a series of 703 at the 5.30pm squad. Jason Yeong-Nathan improved his tally from 1387 to 1415 to finish ninth but remained in 32nd overall.   Basil Low, who was 23rd overall yesterday, dropped to 27th position with his total of 1429. Benjamin Lim made only one attempt at the 1.00pm squad but made no improvements and dropped to 42nd position. Lee Yu Wen, Lionel Lim and Eugene Low were all outside the top 48 qualifiers to make the cut for the Stage 1 finals but still have tomorrow as their last day of qualifying.

Meanwhile, another American PBA pro, Lonnie Waliczek snatched Day 4 top spot with a scintilating 1586 from Malaysia's Syafiq Ridhwan, who led earlier with 1522. Aaron Kong will very likely make the top 3 highest qualifier of Day 4 after finishing third with 1496.

A total of 15 daily top 3 finishers will be joined by positions 16 to 48 qualifiers for the Stage 1 Finals on Thursday over 8 games. The top 24 will advance into Stage 2 for another 8 games to determine the top 8 who would proceed to the Stage 3 Round-Robin matchplay finals. The top 4 at the end of the Stage 3 Finals will make the cut for the Stepladder Finals.   Detailed scores: Day 4 Qualifying | Top Qualifiers. Photos courtesy of