Singaporeans make final stage

21st July, Kaohsiung: After a lack luster performance in the Mixed Doubles yesterday, Singapore's Jennifer Tan and Remy Ong put in a superb effort to qualify for the Singles Round-Robin finals of the World Games Kaohsiung 2009. Jennifer Tan partnered Remy Ong to finish a dismal ninth in the Mixed Doubles yesterday but in the Women's Singles first block played earlier, she shot 1212 to take up fourth in the overall standings.

Tan shot a much improved 1271 in the second block to make the top 10 cut for tomorrow's Round-Robin finals in fifth with an 18-game total of 3720. First block leader, Zara Glover of Britain retained the lead with 3839 as top qualifier.

Krista Pollanen of Finland finished second with 3769 while local favourite, Wang Yu-Ling thrilled the home crowd to take up thid spot with 3765.

"I did slightly better today but I'm surprised that I've moved up one spot," said Jennifer Tan. "It's all about making the Top 10 and that's exactly what I did."   Patricia Luoto of Germany, who became the first-ever bowler in the World Games series to shoot a perfect game during the second game of the second block, finished fourth with 3730. Meanwhile, Remy Ong, who had finished seventh in the first block with a superb 1311, shot another sizzling 1324 to move up to fourth with an 18-game total of 3843. Mixed Doubles gold medalist, Kong Byoung-Hee of Korea topped the field with 3986.

PBA pro bowler, Chris Barnes posted the highest 6-game series of 1404 in the second block to move up from ninth after the first block to second with a total of 3904 while Malaysia's Adrian Ang took third position with 3874.

"I bowled alot much better today than yesterday," said Remy Ong, after completing the two blocks. "I'll continue to have the same game plan to get consistent scores in the finals and hopefully I can make the stepladder."   Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Finland and Colombia are the five countries to have both their women and men in the top 10. The qualifiers will bowl 9 games round-robin matchplay with 10 pin bonus for a win and 5 for a draw added to their scores.

A tenth and position round match will end the finals with the top 3 from each division proceeding to the semifinals and finals to determine the champions.

Detailed scores: Women's Singles Block 2 | Men's Singles Block 2. Photos by Terence Yaw in Kaohsiung.