Singaporean claims high series award

17th March, K.Lumpur: Jason Yeong-Nathan claimed the high series award on the fourth day of the on-going Canon 32nd Malaysian International Open when he shot 803 in the Singles event on Monday evening.  Jason, who was crowned the 2005 national champion, made his first attempt with his Singles to fire 268, 289 and 246 for a whopping 803 series. His superb effort earned him the highest 3-game series of the fourth day to win a Canon PowerShot A1000IS digital camera.

But after the lane maintenance, the 25-year-old national squad member only managed 688 and 617 in his qualifying rounds for a total of 1285 which placed him eighth in the reserves pool.

The best performer so far was 2006 Singapore Open champion, Lee Yu Wen after he posted 704 and 679 to take up third in the mixed pool. World champion, Remy Ong of Singapore also recorded best two rounds of 690 and 677 for a total of 1367 putting him eighth in the same pool.

Lionel Lim shot 674 and 656 for 13th position in the mixed pool while 2007 Asian Intercity Singles gold medalist, Mark Wong was the only other Singapore men to record two attempts. Mark posted 623 and 601 for a 1224 total.


Photos by Terence for SBF.