Singapore youngster takes third spot

17th July, Daejeon: 2012 Malaysian Open second runner-up, Keith Saw of Singapore took up a comfortable third spot in the Men’s Open Masters overseas qualifying pool of It’s Daejeon International Open on Tuesday.  Ong registered 706, 660 and 625 for a total of 1991 while Saw downed 692, 674 and 613 for a total of 1979. Malaysia’s Adrian Ang, who celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday, posted 2010 to take over the lead from Ong.

Ng Tiac Pin made good progress with 1951 to finish ninth ahead of team-mate, Benjamin Lim in 15th position with 1907. Two remaining Singaporeans, Alexander Tan and Ng Chiew Pang also made the cut in 25th and 27th positions respectively.

The lead in the local pool remained unchanged with Korean national bowler, Cho Yougn-Seon in pole with 2222. Early leader, Kim Kyung-Min is second with 2213 while Singapore Open first runner-up, Choi Bok-Eum is third with 2188.

The current cut in 16th position in the mixed pool is held by Choi Young-Jin with 1830. The top 60 local, top 60 overseas and top 120 mixed pool qualifiers will contest the Round 1 Masters finals over 9 games, divided into two squads on July 18.

The top 24 will advance to Round 2 finals for another 6 games, with pins carried forward. The top 6 will advance to the TV Shootout finals on July 19. The Women’s Open will contest their finals on July 18 morning.Meanwhile, all six Singapore women amde the cut for the Masters finals. Shayna Ng remained in the lead of the overseas pool with 1950. Malaysian Siti Safiyah and Esther Cheah seperated Jasmine-Yeong-Nathan, who finished fourth with 1849.

IBC 2012 Champion, Cherie Tan and Jazreel Tan took up fifth an sixth positions with 1848 and 1841 respectively while Geraldine Ng is eighth with 1802. Kristel Oh made the cut in tenth with 1750.

Korean national rookie, Mik Moon-Jeong took over top spot of the Women’s Open Masters local qualifying pool with 2065. Another Korean national bowler, Kang Hyun-Jin moved up into second with an improved 2065 as overnight leader, Jung Da-Wun settled for third with 2063.

The top 10 local, top 10 overseas and top 25 mixed pool will contest the 9-games Masters finals on July 19. The top 5 will advance to the TV Shootout finals on July 20.

Detailed scores: Men’s Open Qualifying | Women’s Open Qualifying | Phot Album.Photos by Terence Yaw in Daejeon.