Singapore keglers exceed medal target

24th January, Singapore: National bowlers Daphne Tan, 20 and Bernice Lim, 19 clinched champion in the Women's Doubles and the Women team came in third in the Women's Team of 5 competition. Daphne Tan finished third in the Women's All-Events to win Singapore's second bronze medal.  "Despite feeling the pressure during the competition, Daphne and I decided to focus on the process which helped us to clinch the gold medal during the doubles event," said Bernice Lim. "We're happy to achieve the goals we set before the championship."

Although this is the first time Bernice and Daphne partnered each other in a bowling championship, the bond between the girls was strong. "We used random thoughts to keep the pressure down during the competition. Both Bernice and myself made some small talks throughout the competition to help calm ourselves down," added Daphne Tan.

Despite not being selected to represent Singapore in the last Asian Games in Guangzhou, Daphne and Bernice felt this win proved their hard work has shown good results. In addition, the one-month peaking programme also helped to create stronger bonding between them with other team mates from the development squad.

Our team's performance in winning 3 medals exceeded the 2-medal target set out for this championship and has provided a platform for our bowlers to shine while gaining exposure from one of the most prestigious bowling tournaments in the Asian region.

Photos by SingaporeBowling.