Singapore ends WYC with a bronze

3rd July, Bangkok: Singapore ended its campaign at the 12th World Youth Championships 2012 with its third bronze medal after Bernice Lim was eliminated in the Girl’s Masters semi-finals on Tuesday.  Having made the cut for the semi-finals, Lim had to face a tougher opponent and top seed, Jacqueline Sijore of Malaysia. The Singaporean was no match for the Malaysian, going down 171-228 to settle for the bronze medal.

Sijore lost to two gold medalist, Hwang Yeon-Ju 215-226 to become the seventh top seed in the championship not winning the gold while Hwang captured her third of the championship.

The Korean had earlier sailed past another Malaysian and third-seed, Dayang Khairuniza 223-181 to advance into the title match.

Both Lim and Hui Fen had comfortably advanced into the Step 2 round-robin matchplay finals in third and fourth. Lim had won three matches up to sixth match in which she suffered a hugh set back with 158.

Hui Fen started off poorly with 151 but recovered with four straight wins before hitting a low game of 156 in the sixth match which dropped both the Singaporeans out of the top 4. Lim lost the last match with 205 while Hui Fen won with 194.

Unfortunately, both tied at 6421 and had to endure a cruel one-ball roll-off to break the tie to see who would make the top 4 semi-finals. Both had head-pin shots as Lim downed 8 and Hui Fen 7 sending Lim into the semi.

Meanwhile in the boy’s division, Sweden’s Daniel Fransson broke the American stronghold by defeating Chris Via, 206-198 to clinch the gold medal. The Swede also eliminated another Amercian and two gold medalist, Marshall Kent, 242-202 in the semi.

Sam Cooley of Australia became the eighth top seed to get knocked after the All Events gold medalist lost to Via, 180-246 in the other semi.

In the earlier Step 2 finals, Cooley and Kent was again battling for the lead throughout the 7 matches. The Aussie won four matches to end in pole with 6928 while Kent won three to advance as second seed with 6907.

Fransson claimed third spot wth 6843 and Via took the final spot of the top 4 semi-finals in fourth position with 6781. Netherlands’ Jord Van Weeren, who was at one stage in the top 4 missed the cut in fifth with 6732.

Singapore’s only boy finalist, Basil Low ended his campaign in eighth position winning only two matches.

Korea emerged as the overall champion with medals haul of 5-0-3, United Stes finish second with 3-3-1 and Sweden third with 1-0-3. Korea also took the Girl’s title while United States took the boy’s.

Singapore came home with a medal haul of 0-3-3. Basil Low won the first bronze, New Hui Fen and Bernice Lim won the bronse in the doubles. Singapore won two silvers in the 4-payers Team event and Hui Fen won the All Events silver.

48 countries took part in the 12th edition of the World Youth Championships held from June 22 to July 3 at the Blu-O Paragon Bowling Center, Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in downtown Bangkok.

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Photos by Terence Yaw in Bangkok.