Singapore denies Malaysian double

17th December, K.Lumpur: Tay Hui Chiang of PBC denied Malaysia a double after the Singaporean bagged the Boy's Open Masters of the 12th MILO International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship while Dayang Khairuniza of Malaysia, clinched the girl's crown.  The highlights of the finals showcased a high-scoring title match between top seed, Tay Hui Chiang of Singapore and chllenger Malaysian national youth, Muhd Rafiq Ismail. Tay rolled a double and three strikes in a row but was overcome by the striking power of Muhd Syafiq losing the first match, 228-268 and forcing a decider.

The Singaporean bounced back with eight consecutive strikes but the Malaysian was not about to give up matching the top seed with six consecutive strikes.

When Tay spared his ninth frame and ended with a strike and a spare in the bonus frame, Muhd Rafiq needed to strike out to take the match. But the 17-year-old knocked down only 7 pins in the tenth frame to give Tay victory, 269-256.


"I was still trying to find the right line to bowl in the first game as my opponent had settled down quaicker," said the Raffles Institute Singapore student, Tay Hui Chiang. "I changed my ball during the last frame of the first match and I decided to use it in the second match.

"The ball reacted well and I managed to string together mre strikes. But it was not easy at all as the Malaysian matched me frame for frame. I'm glad I kept my nerves to win the title," added the 2010 Singapore national champion.

Muhd Rafiq was in unbeatable form when he defeated third-seed, Rodson Tong and fourth-seed, Muhd Nur Aiman in an all-Malaysian left-handed semi-finals, 276-213-258 to advance into the title match.

Dayang Khairuniza Dhiyana of Malaysia made up for the disappointment in the SEA Games after the top seed capped off a superb year with victory in the Girl's Open Masters finals beating challenger and No. 4 seed, Syaidatul Afifah, 215-187 in the all-Malaysian title match.

Khairuniza was forced into the deciding match after she lost the first match, 181-215 to Syaidatul but bounced back to in the secomd match to take her first-ever international crown. The champion had earlier rolled two massive games of 277 and 290 to leap frog into top spot of the 10-game finals with 2345 and advanced into the stepladder finals as top seed.

"I was a bit tense in the first match and I also could find a good line to bowl," said the Sarawakian Dayang Khairuniza. "But as soon as I settled down, I was able to focus to making good shots.


Syaidatul, who was leading the field before the final game, slipped down to fourth to squeeze into the stepladder finals. She took full advantage by beating No. 2 seed, Jacqueline Sijore and No.3 seed, Clara Lau, 208-183-171 to face Khairuniza.

Tay Hui Chaing won the top prize of RM25,000 as champion with Muhd Rafiq settling for RM15,000. Muhd Nur Aiman who finished third, took home RM8,000 while Rodson won RM5,000.

Khairuniza was richer by RM18,000 with her maiden victory as Syaidatul won RM10,000. Jacqueline Sijore and Clara Lau took home RM5,000 and RM3,000 respectively.

The Masters Finals (formerly All-Stars Classic) will be contested tomorrow by the top 48 qualifiers.

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Photos by Terence Yaw at Sunway Mega Lanes.