Silver and Bronze for Singapore

16th November, Guangzhou: Cherie Tan of Singapore missed the podium despite finishing second in Squad B of the Women's Singles event at the 16th Asian Games as Shayna Ng and New Hui Fen won the silver and bronze medals.  Cherie Tan of Singapore took the early lead in the opening game of the Women's Singles second squad but was immediately overtaken by Japan's Haruka Matsuda, who led for the next two games.

The Singaporean bounced back by almost shooting a perfect game but was content to regain the lead with 289 in the fourth game. But the more consistent Malaysian southpaw, Sharon Koh who took over the running after the fifth game to lead Tan by 31 pins.

Koh needed 261 or more to topple Squad A leader, Hwang Sun-Ok and 208 or more to topple the Shayna Ng and New Hui Fen but failed miserably with 183 in her final game.

  It would prove impossible for Cherie Tan to roll 292 or more to beat the Korean but a 239 or more would give Tan the silver. But Tan managed only 203 to finish second behind the Malaysian and also missed the chance to win a medal.Hwang took the gold with 1395 and the two Singaporeans, Shayna and Hui Fen the silver and bronze medal with 1342 and 1341. A third Singaporean, Cherie Tan, who finished second with 1309, ended in sixth behind Korea's Hong Su Yeon and Sharon fourth and fifth respectively.

Jazreel Tan was slow off the mark but came on strongly in the third and fourth games. Her 193 and 156 in the last two games dropped her down to seventh in the squad and 17th overall.

Cherie was Singapore's best performer ending in sixth overall with 1309, Geraldine Ng second best in 15th with 1200 and Jasmine Yeong-Nathan in 30th with 1151.


The men will resume their bowling with the Doubles event on long oil conditions split into two squads tomorrow while the women will contest theirs on November 18.

Detailed scores: Women's Singles Combined | Women's Singles Squad B.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Guangzhou.