Opening kicks off world meet

27th July, Las Vegas: The official opening ceremony held at the Cashman Center kicked off the 4th edition of World Women's Championship which will commence with the Singles event on Tuesday morning. A renowned Fox 5 TV station presenter, Ted Pretty emceed the opening ceremony with his welcome address at 6.00pm on Monday evening followed by the opening speech by host nation's USBC Executive Director and WTBA President, Kevin Dornberger.

"It is tournaments like the World Women's Championship which attracts over 45 countries that will get us our rightful spot in the Olympics," said Kevin Dornberger. "We're extremely confident that the on-going efforts by both WTBA and FIQ that will eventually earn this opportunity."

Ms Darlene Baker, USBC President elect also welcome participants to this year's championship and she expressed that the bowlers will enjoy the hospitality extended by her staff.   Julian Duas, Las Vegas Community and Visitors Bureau also extended his ppreciation to the participants and hoped that participants and officials will find time to enjoy the many wonderful attractions of Las Vegas.

The speeches was followed with the emcee announcing the marchpast of 45 participating teams led by Australia and ending with host nation, United States. The marchpast was followed by the oath-taking by Australia's Carol Gianotti. Thereafter, the participants and guests were entertained by the Elvis Presley lookalike series of songs famously sung by the king of rock-n-roll, Elvis Presley. Another Cher lookalike also sung popular Cher hit songs.

The simple opening ceremony ended promptly at 7.30pm and guests and team officials were invited to a welcome reception at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. The official practice were held earlier in the day in which the teams tested the lane conditions for the first time.

The championship will commence on Tuesday morning with the Singles event divided into three squads over short oil pattern. The top 3 bowlers after the three squads combined will advance to the stepladder finals scheduled on Thursday, July 30 after the first block of the Trios.   Bernice Lim-Jasmine Yeong Nathan will feature in the Singles Squad 1 followed by Geraldine Ng-Shayna Ng in Squad 2 and CHerie Tan-Jazreel Tan in Squad 3.

Detailed information: Participants. Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas.