Centres of Excellence

National Youth Development Programme – Centre of Excellence (NYDP-COE)

Singapore Bowling Federation launched its National Youth Development Programme – Centre of Excellence in 2007. This is a training programme developed specially to allow our local youths to receive training in a structured format developed jointly with an internationally renowned coach consultant – Sid Allen. When launched, SBF ran all the classes with the assistance of certified coach service providers. The Programme commenced in 2008 directly run by the Federation. Singapore Sports School was the first Centre of Excellence that ran the programme.

In 2012, SingaporeBowling signed a Centre of Excellence (COE) Academy Endorsement Programme with Agape Bowling Academy and Strike Academy allowing the two academies.

In 2013 SingaporeBowling signed new academy agreements with Plaza Bowlers Club and Bio Bowling Academy.

In 2014 SingaporeBowling signed a new academy agreement with Serangoon Gardens Country Club and AJS Sports Management.

In 2016/17, Warren Golf & Country Club, National Service Resort & Country Club and Trinity Bowl were signed on.

In Dec 2017, Bowling is Science was signed on, while Chinese Swimming Club signed on in 2019.

National Program Development Pathway

Current List of NYDP-COE Academies:

  • Agape Bowling Academy (endorsed in 2012)
    Eric Tan – eric.agapebowling@gmail.com
  • AJS Sports Management (endorsed in 2014)
    Angland Seah – anglandseah@gmail.com
  • Bio Bowling Academy (endorsed in 2013)
    Tan Yu-Jin – biobowlingacademy@hotmail.sg
  • Bowling Is Science (endorsed in 2018)
    Coach Sandra – bowlingisscience@gmail.com
    Coach Jerein – jerein@live.com.sg
  • Chinese Swimming Club (endorsed in 2019)
    Clara Lau: claralauu@gmail.com
  • Foundation Bowling Academy Pte Ltd (endorsed in 2021)
    Michael Li – enquiry@foundationbowling.com
  • National Service Resort & Country Club (endorsed in 2017)
    Remy Ong: R300emy@hotmail.com
  • Serangoon Gardens Country Club (endorsed in 2014)
    John Liaw – john_4368@hotmail.com
    Samuel Ho – pocket7@singnet.com.sg
  • Singapore Sports School (by Academic enrolment) (endorsed in 2008)
  • Strike Academy (endorsed in 2012)
    Billy Choo – billy@strikeacademy.com
    Ernest Lim – ernest@strikeacademy.com
  • Trinity Bowling (endorsed in 2017)
    Jerome Tan: trinitybowlingsingapore@gmail.com