No progress for Singapore bowlers

17th August, Munich: No progress were made by the Singapore bowlers when the World Men's Championships 2010 resumed with the first block of the Trios event at Dream Bowl Palace on Tuesday.  Ng Tiac Pin shot a three-game series of 560 with Jason Yeong-Nathan 496 and Remy Ong 631 for a total of 1687 to take up 22nd position in Squad 1 in which Malaysia's Alex Liew, Muhamad Syafiq Ridhwan and Aaron Kong led with 1964 pinfalls.

The leader in the second squad was Finland's Joonas Jahi, Petteri Salonen and Pasi Uotila but was unable to break into the top five after they amassed a total of 1890 to finish sixth overall.

The second trio of Justin Lim Chun Liang, Mark Wong and Basil Low faired worst than their team-mates after ending the first block 32nd in the second squad. Lim bowled 534, Wong 552 and Low 498.

In the third and final squad of the day, no country was again able to make any inroads into the top four with France finishing as squad leader with 1884. Philippines and the second Finland trio finished second and third in the squad.Singapore's first trio was 277 pins off the pace and the second trio 380 pins from the Malaysians and would need some catching up if they were to try and make the top four positions and into the shootout finals.

No changes took place after the third squad either with Malaysia's Alex Liew, Muhamad Syafiq Ridhwan and Aaron Kong in pole. Italy, USA and Chinese Taipei retained their second to fourth positions too.

The second block of three games over the long oil pattern will be staged on Wednesday, August 18 and the combined scores after three squads will decide the top four qualifying for the shootout finals.

Detailed scores: Trios Squad 1 | Trios Squad 2 | Trios Combined.Photos by Terence Yaw in Munich.