New Hui Fen appointed as Brand Ambassador

30th November, Singapore: National bowler, New Hui Fen has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Starhub in their recent partnership with the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) representing bowling.

Hui Fen, who won a bronze medal in the 16th Asian Games Women’s Singles and a two gold medals in the 1st Asian Youth Games last year is delighted with this appointment.

“Starhub’s sponsorship has proven that my hard work in bowling has been recognized and it will further motivate me to achieve success at greater heights for SingaporeBowling and Singapore,” said New Hui Fen.

Under this partnership programme, Starhub will broadcast more local sports programmes through their sports channels which will provide additional profiling opportunities for our local athletes.

Apart from bowling, athletes from sailing, badminton, swimming and shooting are also selected sports in this programme.

“This partnership will allow more Singaporeans to know more about local sports and our own athletes, and I believe it will encourage the younger generation to consider sports involvement and participation more seriously,” added Hui Fen.

As one of the brand ambassadors, Hui Fen received a brand new mobile phone, broadband service and cable channel, courtesy of Starhub, on top of the cash sponsorship. “This sponsorship is certainly useful to me and will help defray my transport during training,” said Hui Fen.

Photos by SingaporeBowling.