National Youth Development Selections 2010


7th January, Singapore: SingaporeBowling finalized its National Development Squad Selections 2010 on 7 Jan 2010. Sixteen athletes have been selected into the 2010 National Development Squad, which includes nine athletes from our National Youth Development Programme.

It was noted by the National Coaching Staff that athletes who have been through the National Youth Development Programme - Centre of Excellence (NYDP-COE) have proven to display the skills allowing them to fit into the elite training programme with minimal adjustments to their physical game.

This has shown that the NYDP-COE has adopted a training regime that is consistent with the National Elite Programme where these young promising talentshave emerged.

The second season of our National Youth Development Programme - Centre of Excellence (NYDP-COE) concluded successfully in November 2009. The third season will be commencing in February 2010 and will see at least 2 “AAA” classes, 4 “AA” classes and at least 5 “A” classes.

More than 90 athletes from the 2009 “A” and “AA” classes have been promoted to the “AA” and “AAA” classes respectively for 2010, which is an encouraging promotion rate that is close to 90%.

The “AA” and “AAA” group in 2010 is where many of our future champions would emerge from as they would be the pioneer batch that would have taken the 3 year route to be prepared to step up into the National Development Squad.

This year’s “AAA” group will also benefit from the increased involvement of our National Coaching staff together with our consultants who will jointly plan and assist the programme implementation with our NYDP-COE coaches.