National Coaches A Step Forward

24th October, Singapore: National Coaches, after passing and obtaining their level III certification, have benefited tremendously from the level III coaching course. In turn, with the latest coaching information provided through the progamme, the national bowlers have shown improvements as well.

Head Coach Mervyn Foo commented, “The course provided us with a sequence that assisted us in our coaching process and implementing the physical game requirement for competitions was made much easier for us.”

SingaporeBowling implemented the SBF Coaching Certification Programme in 2007 with the SBF Level I/II Coaching Course conducted in June.

January 2008 saw the commencement of the SBF Level III Coaching Course – Module I. The Level III Coaching Course consists of 3 Modules:
Module I – Theory
Module II – Identification & Correction of Error
Module III – Video Analysis   SingaporeBowling had an enrolment of a total of 27 for the Level III Coaching Course. Module II was conducted in Sept and Module III is presently being concluded.

Each module is followed by an exam. Certification would be granted to those who obtained a Pass in all 3 Module Exams.

For all those who have missed out in the opportunity to enroll this year, SingaporeBowling will be conducting more courses in 2009. Updates on our course schedules will be made available on our website.

For more information on our courses and certification process, call us at 64407388.