Malaysian ends Mack attack

13th May, Bangkok: Daniel Lim of Malaysia ended Tim Mack's charge to the top podium when Lim crushed the American, 213-171 in the final stepladder match of the Men's Open Masters to claim the 33rd MWA Thailand International Open title.

Daniel Lim, who held on to the lead of the Men's Open Masters second block finals this morning, looked poised to win a second international title for Malaysia. Lim opened accounts with a 9-pin spare in the first frame then struck three times for a turkey from the second frame onwards to take an early lead.

His challenger, Tim Mack had a bad start with a split in the first, the fourth and the sixth frame and was in all sorts of trouble. From then on, the Malaysian just made sure he made no mistake and when on to cruise to a confortable victory with 213.

Although Tim struck out in the final three frames, it was a bit too late and went down with 171. The American ended all four Thais when the sixth-seed ousted fourth-seed, Yannaphon Larpapharat and fifth-seed Somjed Kusonpithak, 207-178-188 in the first match.

Mack had a lucky break in the second match when he edged out second-seed and overnight leader, Siriphon Mayura and third-seed, Krichawat Jempakao, 199-192-180 in the second match to set up the finale with Daniel Lim.

"It has been extremely tough this week with the difficut lane conditions here," said the champion, Daniel. "I had to work very hard to make the finals after eight attempts but when it came to the finals, I was bowling well and kept close with the leader in the first block.

"I'm glad I finished as top-seed and when the match started, again the TV lanes were completely different so adjusting was tough too. Once I got a strike on the left lane, I knew I could come back to the right and get another.

"With the turkey, all I need to do was not to make any mistakes and make sure I do not open any frames. Tim is a good bowler and I remember I lost to him once in Singapore two years ago and I was determine to turn the table this time.

Meanwhile, the Ladies' Open Masters final stepladder was an all-Taiwanese affair between top-seed, Chien Hsiu Lan and her challenger, Liang Ya Ping. Liang, who made the stepladder finals in sixth position, knocked out fourth-seed, Evelyn Chan of Singapore and fifth-seed, Kim Young Ju of Korea, 211-199-202 in the first match.

Liang then eliminated two Thais, second-seed, Angkana Netrviseth and third-seed, Saowapha Kunaksorn, 211-167-190 in the second match to reach the finals and a match against fellow-countrywomen, Chien.

The runner-up just could repeat the form she displayed in the two earlier matches and struggled with two splits in the eighth and 10th frames to end the match with 171. Despite missing a single pin in the sixth frame and an open frame in the eighth, Chien's earlier double was sufficient to secure the victory.

Other Singapore ladies finished in the bottom half of the field with Sabria Lim in 13th, Jennifer Tan in 18th and Rena Teng 20th. The only two men who made the finals, Jason Yeong Nathan and Lee Yu-Wen ended up in 32nd and 35th respectively.

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Photos by Terence Yaw.