Korea looks set to win two gold medals

11th July, Hong Kong: Korea looked set to capture two gold medals on Day 2 of the 10th Asian Schools Tenpin Bowling Championship when Singles bronze medalist, Choi Tae-Seung partnered Shin Seung-Hyeon to take over the lead in the Boy's Doubles after Squad B.  Despite a poor start in their opening game on 370, Choi Tae-Seung and Shin Seung-Hyeon bounced back in the second and third games with 424 and 453 to take over the lead from early leaders and Malaysia's Mohammad Aziem B Azemi and Syimir Abdul Razak.

The Korean pair suffered a temporary setback in the fourth game to hand the lead back to the Malaysian pair but only 6 pisn adrift. The duo then turned on the heat to fire 465 to regain the lead by 17 pins and set their sights on overtaking Squad A leader and teammates, Lee Hae-Won and Kim Geo-Sung.

Needing only 357 to have at least a shot at the gold medal, Choi and Shin posted the highest doubles game of the championship so far with a scintillating 502 giving the pair a 6-game total of 2555. Indonesia's David Candra and Marco Putra stormed in their final two games of 465 and 498 to snatch second in the squad as well as second overall with 2534.

Squad A leader of Lee and Kim settled for third with their score of 2410. Apiwich Watanaphongsakorn and Phanuphong Phokchainan of Thailand, who finished second to Lee and Kim, dropped out of the medal contention into fourth.

The Koreans also led the Girl's Doubles Squad B when Singles bronze medalist, Shin Bo-Hyun and Kim Sol-Ji knocked down 2382 ahead of pace-setter, Zatil Iman and Singles silver medalist, Sin Li Jane of Malaysia in second with 2311.

But Shin and Kim ended up third overall when both squad's scores were combined. Squad A leader, Kim Mun-Jeong and Lee Mi-Ryeong remain in front with 2571 followed by fellow-compatriots, Kang Se-Young and Lee Na-Hyun in second with 2392.

Meanwhile Indonesia's Marco Putra shot to the top of the All Events leaderboard after a superb 1309 in the doubles event to give him a 2594 total after two events and 12 games. Singles Gold medalist, Zaid Izlan dropped to third with 2519 behind Choi Tae-Seung in second on 2585.

The lead also changed hands as Shin Bo-Hyun surged ahead of Singles gold and silver medalists, Anne Marjorie Reyes and Sin Li Jane. Shin amassed 2508 to Reyes' 2463 and Li Jane's 2449.

Detailed scores: Boy's Doubles Squad B | Girl's Doubles Squad B | Photo Album.

Photos by Terence Yaw for HKTBC.