Japan-Singapore Exchange Program

30th December, Singapore: Japan, once previously an Asia powerhouse in the bowling scene has seen their international presence on a decline over the last couple of years.

However, similar to Singapore’s vision 2030, Japan has begun to develop their youths at a younger age and exposing them to international platforms through tournaments or exchange programs like this one. Corporate companies in Japan continue to show their strong support for the sporting industry.

12 keglers (6 boys and 6 girls) from the Japan took part in an exchange programme this week, accompanied with officials from the Japan bowling congress and coaches. Through this visit they hope to gain some insight into our training regime, facilities and experiences on how we have consistently groomed world champions.


The exchange program was also an opportunity for our young keglers and theirs to foster international relations, new friendships and cultural exchange experiences. The Japanese keglers were in Singapore for a 3-day exchange program which consists of a visit to the Singapore Sports School, where they also went on a tour of the facilities. Their program also included friendly matches with the Singapore Youth team and a personal tour with our bowlers to experience the local scene.

This is just the start of our continued effort to promote the sport in both our countries and groom future champions.

Photos by SingaporeBowling.