High scores move Singaporean three notches up

6th November, St. Petersburg: A feast of high scores came in the Men's third block qualifying round of the 43rd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup as Singapore's Remy Ong notched up three places from 11th to eighth spot.

Ong, who dropped to 11th after the second block on Monday, came back strongly with lines of 211, 196, 287, 222, 234 and 236 for a scintillating 1386 for an 18-game total of 3956 to notch up three places to eighth overall.

The 1386 was the third highest 6-game series posted by the Singaporean in a high scoring third block so far in the World Cup. In the first squad, 20-year-old student Marcelo Suartz from Brazil hit 1518 over his 6-game series, including a 279 game to top the block.

In the second squad, several 270+ games and the list is long: Jason Belmonte had a 289, Remy Ong from Singapore had a 287, Glenn-Morten Pederson of Norway had back-to-back 279s, Colombia's Andres Gomez, Paolo Valdez of the Philippines, Germany's Achim Grabowski all had 279 and home favourite Alexey Parshukov had a 278.

But they were all capped by our second perfect game from Argyrios Ketsetzis of Greece. He was naturally delighted and promptly turned round to the score display to take a photo of the proof of his achievement.

Jason Belmonte remained firmly in the lead on 4206 after 18 games, a 233 average. Glenn-Morten Pedersen moved up to second on 4119 and Andres Colombia took third spot with 4113. With just six games to go, the cut for the top 24 is a 208 average, with Vitas Gykis of Lithuania just in the list.

Detailed scores: Men's 3rdBlk | Photo Album.

Photos courtesy of Hero Noda and QubicaAMF.