Good show by national bowlers


12th May, Kuala Lumpur: Singapore national bowlers came home with their heads held high after a good showing at the recently concluded 35th Canon Maaysian International Open Bowling Championship at Sunway Mega Lanes.

Singapore national bowlers dominated Round 2 of the Women’s Open Masters by occupying four of the six stepladder spots with Shayna Ng registering an 8-game total of 1820 to finish third. Defending champion, Zandra Aziela fired a massive 299 in her final game to leapfrog both Shayna and Indonesia’s Tannya Roumimper, who took second spot with 1829.

Daphne Tan, Ilma Nur Jannah and Jazreel Tan made the stepladder cut in fourth to sixth positions with 1808, 1751 and 1743 respectively.

In the first all-Singapore stepladder match, Ilma Nur Jannah upset Daphne and Jazreel with a 230-194-205 victory to advance to the semi-final match. Ilma managed a creditable score of 205 but was not good enough to progress.

 Shayna Ng finishing as Women’s Open Masters first runner-up  Shayna was on superb form taking the match with 258 against second-seed, Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia on 221.

It was a nail bitting title match against Zandra as the Malaysian ended the match with 211 on a seven pin count and spare in her bonus frame. Shayna needed to strike to take the match and force a sudden-death deciding second game but downed only 8 pins to hand the match to Zandra with 209.

“I was close to winning the first game but had a couple of simple mistakes that could have been avoided,” said Shayna. “I did get off to a better start, but Zandra probably made the right adjustments after the first few shots and was able to get in her area and line and eventually became more matched up to her lane as compared to me.” Shayna further commented. “I’m satisfied with my performance today and all I can say is, I did my best.”

Zandra won MYR15,000 (approx. S$6,100) for successfully defending the title which is her third Malaysian Open title. Shayna earned MYR10,000 (S$4,000). Tannya took home MYR7,500 while Ilma, Daphne and Jazreel received MYR5,000, MYR4,000 and MYR3,500 respectively.

  Singapore was delt with another heartbreak as both top seed, Mark Womg and second-seed, Keith Saw were denied victory in the Men’s Open division.

Wong had advanced into the stepladder finals as top seed with an 8-game total of 1910 followed by team-mate, Saw in second with 1887. Two-time winner, Zulmazran Zulkifli was third with 1849 ahead of compatriot, Syafiq Ridhwan fourth with 1841.

Americans Dino Castillo and PBA pro, Sean Rash made the stepladder finals in fifth and sixth positions with 1833 and 1821. Remy Ong missed the cut in eighth position with 1775.

Rash won the quarter-finals stepladder match by defeating Syafiq and Castillo, 237-235-217 to advance into the semi. Rash was eliminated after managing 194 in the second match leaving Keith Saw and Zulmazran to battle for the final spot.


Mark Wong’s best-ever performance in an open championship


Saw and Zulmazran were locked at 245 and had to endure a one-ball roll-off to break the tie. The Malaysian had a strike and Saw delivered a good shot but was stunned when pin 8 stood firmly.

In the title match, Mark Wong struggled big time managing only 188 as Zulmazran rolled 228 to force a second deciding match. Although Wong got his composure back to register 222, his challenger was on a strike-fest firing a big game of 269 to deny Wong the victory.

“I’m disappointed that I was not able to win the tournament,” commented Mark Wong. “But this is the first time I have ever gotten so far in an open tournament and it was a really a good experience for me”.

“It was a really close match, perhaps a little unlucky on my part. I had a couple of open frames and I had to focus on each frame and not let it affect my mental game,” added Wong.

Zulmazran, who dedicated the victory as a Mother’s Day present to his mom, won MYR20,000 (approx. S$8,100) while Wong settled for MYR25,000 for finishing as first runner-up. Saw took home MYR20,000 as second runner-up.

Photos by Terence Yaw.



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