First round exit for Singapore

31st July, Helsinki: Singapore ended their World Youth Championship 2010 after Shayna Ng and Jazreel Tan made their exit from the Masters Round 1 finals at the hands of Colombia and the Netherlands on Saturday.  Shayna Ng, who was seeded fifth, was matched up against Singles bronze medalist, Carmen Haandrikman of the Netherlands in the Girl's Masters best-of-5 matches elimination Round 1. The Singaporean got off to a great start trashing the Dutch, 277-191.

Haandrikman got the better of Shayna with a 213-187 win in the second match to draw level. From then on, Shayna just could not repeat the form she showed in the first match going down 190-228 and 163-238 in the next two matches to make the early exit, 1-3.

Singapore's hope of another medal was dashed when fourth seed, Jazreel Tan was also shown the exit door by Colombia's Laura Fonnegra. Jazreel struggled in the oil condition she picked losing 138-188, 169-192 and 201-255 to the Colombian.


All Events gold medalist and top seedm Kim Moon-Jeong of Korea beat Jennifer Boisselle of USA, 3-1 in the quater-finals to advance to the semi. Singles gold medalist, Kim Yeon-Ju joined her team-mate with a 3-2 victory over Mexico's Gabriela Hernandez.

Carmen Haandrikman claimed the third semi-final spot with a 3-2 victory over Indonesia's Tannya Roumimper while the last semi-final spot went to Laura Fonnegra after she beat Joline P. Planefors of Sweden, 3-2.

The two Koreans will not be meeting each other and it could become an all-Korean affair after having already won three gold medals. Moon-Jeong will meet Fonnegra while Jeon-Yu face Haandrikman in the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, the boy's Masters semi-finals is almost an all-Korean affair. All three Koreans who qualified for the finals have made their way to the semi-finals. Kim Ju-Young eliminated the sole American and top seed, Andrew Koff, 3-2 in the quarter-finals.

Second seed, Park Jong-Woo gave tenth seed, Phil Hulst of the Netherlands, a 3-0 trashing to join his team-mate in the semi as Shin Seung-Hyeon ended Finland's hope of a medal by beating Samu Valaranta, 3-1.

The last semi-final spot went of the two-handed lefty, Daniels Vezls after Latvian beat Estonia's Kurt Truus, 3-1 in the last quarter-final match. Jong-Woo will meet Ju-Young in the all-Korean semi while Vezls will square off with Seung-Hyeon in the other semi.


Singapore girls did well to come home with two silver and a bronze medal. Daphne Tan and New Hui Fen won the silver and Shayna and Jazreel won the bronze in the Doubles finals and The team took the silver.

Detailed scores: Girl's Masters Round 1 | Boy's Masters Round 1 | Girl's Masters Quarter-finals | Boy's Masters Quarter-finals.

Photos by Ari Komulainen, Finnish Bowling Federation.