Canon Superseries 2 (2010)

IntroductionFollowing the success of the inaugural Canon SuperSeries in 2008/2009, Canon Singapore and SingaporeBowling proudly presents the Canon SuperSeries 2 (2010) to all the corporate companies in Singapore, commencing 4 February 2010.

All you need is to form a team of 3 (with bowlers as CPF paid employees of the individual company) to participate and winning teams stand to win prizes worth over $100,000. Colourful and interesting fringe activities are also lined up in each round of the Canon SuperSeries 2 (2010).

This corporate tournament is scheduled on a weekday evening and Sunday every alternate month. This series is open to corporate bowling teams. Bowlers must be registered as CPF paid employees of the individual company.

The first round of Canon SuperSeries 2 (2010) will be held following the Charity Bowl on 4 February 2010.
1. 4 February, 2010 (Check-In: 7.30pm, Roll-Off: 8pm)
2. 7 March, 2010 (Check-In: 9.30am, Roll-Off: 10am)
3. 16 April, 2010 (Check-In: 6.30pm, Roll-Off: 7pm )
4. 2 May, 2010 (Check-In: 9.30am, Roll-Off: 10am)
5. 11 June, 2010 (Check-In: 6.30pm, Roll-Off: 7pm)
6. 2 July, 2010 (Check-In: 6.30pm, Roll-Off: 7pm)

Entry Fee shall be S$300/- per team per session.
Grand Finale
Date of Grand Finale: 4 July, 2010
Check-In: 9.30am, Roll-Off: 10am
Venue: Orchid Bowl @ Orchid Country Club
Entry Fee shall be S$450/- per team