Australia versus England in the final

22nd April, Barnsley: The World Tenpin Masters final will be between Australia's Jason Belmonte and local hopeful, Paul Moor of England after the Aussie defeated Chris Barnes and the Englishman knocked out Remy Ong in the semifinals.  Jason Belmonte believed his victory over Chris Barnes was the hardest match of his life. Belmonte registered a 523-490 success against Barnes, an aggregate score that was the highest total ever in the ten-year history of the World Tenpin Masters.

"I'm physically and emotionally drained," said Belmonte. "He just would not stop hitting the pocket. I've to be honest and I got lucky. Chris left some pins when he should not have done but that's how bowling goes - plenty of times they have stood for me.

"This is my third time here and I just want to come and bowl well but to make the final - I'm speechless. It's a really cool thing and not many people can say I've been in a final of the World Tenpin Masters. It doesn't matter who I play. If I can beat Chris I can beat anyone."

"That was one of the best matches I've ever been involved in," said Barnes. "He didn't have many lucky strikes and a lot of perfect ones out there. If I had stayed close then it might've been interesting. I've been dodging bullets for a couple of years and one of them finally got me.

"I've to give the night to Jason. he has bowled unbelievably. Even as dominating as Paul has bowled and as good as Remy has been, I think Jason is the favourite."

In the other semifinal, Paul Moor of England sealed a spot in his third successive World Tenpin Masters final with a dramatic final ball victory against Remy Ong. Moor won 472-471 to set up a final against Australian Jason Belmonte.

After the first match, the score was 248-235 to Remy Ong but the fortunes changed around with the first ball of the second game as the Singaporean left a 6-8 split. Ong was confident of hitting them both but the ball narrowly missed the pins as the Englishman regained the lead.

In a tight, tense encounter, Moor stayed in front as Ong could only manage three spares in the first six frames of the second game. But two spares from Moor saw Ong again get close and was only one pin behind. In a thrilling end Ong piled on the pressure by ending on a score of 471 and that meant Moor needed two strikes and a nine - spare to seal a win.

Moor made the two strikes and then hit a nine for a make or break final ball of the match. The Englishman held his nerve to claim the spare and win by just one pin.

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Photos courtesy of Bowlers Journal International.