American trio zooms into pole

2nd September, Monterry: A poor start did not deter the American trio of Lynda Barnes, Shannon O'Keefe and Tennelle Milligan as they zoomed in to take pole position of the Trios first block in the World Women's Championship.

Singapore's trio of Sabrina Lim, Evelyn Chan and Jazreel Tan never got into their strides to end the block in 25th position whilst Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Cherie Tan and Jennifer Tan finished 34th.

There was no surprise in the statement that the mighty Koreans once again topped the table after the first of the three squads on the long oil pattern were contested. The talented threesome of Nam Bo Ra, Kim Yeau Jin and Choi Jin A, nowhere near equalled their fantastic averages in Doubles, nor did they open an impregnable buffer, but they downed enough pins to set the early lead.

Teams have yet to master what is proving to be a really tough condition and very few players were over 400 after the first two games, although '300 girl' Kim Yeau Jin of Korea did hit 501 with an opening 266 followed by 235. She went on to compile a 722.

Only five women were able to hit games of 200 or over. Of the three teams that managed to break the '1800 barrier', it was Indonesia that managed to set second place on 1855 and Japan crept into third with 1827.

In Squad 2, Australia were in the frame after the fist game, leading with 642, thanks to a 267 starter from Kate Wilton. Kate's 267 was the highest game of the day so far, but there had also been a 266 and a 265. Germany and Norway brought Europe into the picture with 633 and 626 respectively.

Game two saw Denmark climbed all the way from 29th to lead the squad after a fine trios game of 671. Just two pins behind them were Chinese Taipei and Norway were clinging on to third place.

The Danish trio were mightily inspired and tore up the pins in the third game, rising through the ranks yet again and were in second place with one squad left to bowl. They could have taken over the lead but for the misfortune of Kamilla Kjeldsen with an 8-10 split with the second ball of the tenth frame of the third game.

Indonesia dropped down to third place and Hong Kong moved into fourth when the two squads totals were combined. Forecasts that the American trio would hit 150 over par in this Squad 3 looked to be negative as they only rolled 586 between them. But there were still two games to go.

Despite a superb strong challenge from Sweden the dynamic American trio zoomed from the boondocks into pole position in smart moves in the second and third games. A 645 and 719 gave the Americans a total of 1950 to claim pole overall.

Swedes Helen Johnsson, Malin Glendert and Nina Flack settled for second with 1930, just 20 pins adrift while Squad 1 leader, Korea dropped to third. Squad 2 leader, Denmark dropped further down to fourth with Indonesia fifth.

The Americans will ride into the short oil block Monday morning on the crest of a wave or will the Koreans fight back? Will the Swedes sweep the pins off the decks? Will another trio emerge from the pack to string the strikes?

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Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers Journal International.