A stronger performance by Singaporeans

16th March, Kuwait: Singapore national bowlers competing at the 9th Kuwait International Open Bowling Championships put in a much stronger performance in the second block of qualifying rounds on Friday.

Jazreel Tan, who suffered a setback after three of her bowling balls went missing when she landed in Kuwait from the US and she had to bowl with only two and no suitable ball for sparing. Yet Tan made good of what she had to finish 10th in her first block with 1069.

Luckily, the missing bowling balls eventually landed and she put in a much improved performance in today’s second block posting a superb 1264 to haul herself up to fourth in the squad.

Europeans dominated the second block with Dominic Barrett of England taking the suqad with 2396 followed by Bahrain Open champion, Osku Palermaa of Finland second with 2389 and Mathais Arup of Sweden, who posted the highest 5-game series of 1310, finished third with 2364.


Keith Saw finished sixth with 2317 ahead of Muhammad Jaris Goh, who topped the first block, in seventh with 2267. Ng Chiew Pang and Javier Tan ended up in 13th and 18th positions respectively.

Meanwhile in the final Squad D of the day, Shayna Ng also made good progress when she improved from 13th overnight to fifth with 2284. She knocked down 1234 in this block as opposed to 1050 on the first day.

Joel Tan moved up from 17th to ninth in the same squad with 2197 while Amanda Ng slipped dowm from seventh to 16th on 2047 behind team-mate, Jason Yeong-Nathan who improved four notches up to 12th with 2159.

Remy Ong fell from 14th to 17th with 2045 and Ng Tiac Pin also fell from tenth to 20th position with 2010 while Jasmine Yeong-Nathan slipped one spot from 20th to 21st with 1985.

American PBA pros dominated this squad with defending champion, Chris Lochetter topping with 2450 followed by Tom Smallwood, who shot the tournament’s third 300 in second with 2415. Overnght squad leader, Ronnie Russell took third spot with 2352.

Lochetter and Smallwood occupied the top 2 spots in the overall standings with Squad C leader, Dominic Barrett in third. Squad B leader, Ahmed Abdulla of Kuwait, Palermaa and Arup completed the top 6 qualifying bracket.

Jazreel is in the second bracket in 11th position overall, Shayna in the third bracket in 17th and Joel Tan occupied the final cut position in the fourth bracket. Top bracket qualifiers earn automatic entry into Round 5 finals.

The third and final block of 5 games will be played tomorrow, Saturday 17 March divided into four squads which will determine the four groups of qualifiers for various rounds.

Detailed scores: Block 2 Combined | Block 2 Squad C | Block 2 Squad D | Photo Album.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuwait.