51st Singapore International Open   |  16th June – 30th June 2019

UPDATE (as of 29 May 2019):
Please note that there are some changes made to the Mixed Seniors Division. Do refer to the latest Rules & Regulations as well as Prize Table (amendments are indicated in red colour). Thank You!
UPDATE (as of 15 May 2019):
For Overseas Participants, please submit your Squad Reservations (subject to availability) to events@singaporebowling.org.sg by 31 May 2019.
For Local Participants, to ensure smooth facilitation of squad pre-bookings for all on 11 – 13 June 2019, please note that:
– Each person in queue will be allowed to book squads/slots for up to two (2) registrants only.
– Ensure all Registration and MQ chits are filled up.
Reminder that we will be allocating 5 days for pre-purchase of the Registration & MQ Chits.
Pre-Booking of Squads will strictly be done only on 11 – 13 June 2019. No exceptions will be allowed.
Pre-Purchase of Registration & MQ Chits
3 – 7 June 2019 (Mon – Fri)  |  11am – 5pm  |  SingaporeBowling @ Rifle Range (Info Counter @ Squad Room)
Squad Pre-Booking Days
11 – 13 June 2019 (Tue – Thu)  |  11am – 5pm  |  SingaporeBowling @ Rifle Range (Info Counter @ Squad Room)
Thank you once again for your support!
This tournament is sanctioned by ABF and WB and is an Asian Ranking Tournament.
We have reserved the last 5 qualifying days of the tournament for overseas bowlers, local bowlers will be allowed to play only if there are vacancies.
We look forward to see you in Singapore!
For more information, please email events@singaporebowling.org.sg.