4th National Youth Championship 2018 @ 18 – 24 November 2018

Due to overwhelming response and support for the National Youth Championships, measures will be taken to ensure smooth facilitation of squad bookings for all on 17 Nov 2018. please note that:
– Each person in queue will be allowed to book squads/slots for up to three (3) registrants only.
– Ensure all Registration and MQ chits are filled up.

Reminder that we will be allocating 2 days for purchase of the Registration & MQ Chits. Booking of Squads will strictly be done only on 17 Nov 2018.

No exceptions will be allowed.

Purchase of Registration & MQ Chits
15 & 16 November 2018 (Thu & Fri)  |  10am – 5pm  |  SingaporeBowling @ Rifle Range (Info Counter @ Squad Room)

Thank you once again for your support!