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Tracy See


Bowler Name: Tracy See

Age: 21

Years in Bowling: 12

Why are you in the sport?: The drive and competitive level makes me like the sports a lot because of the different challenges I face in each competition

Most memorable moment: Being able to handle my emotions during the Singapore Nationals and Chinese Taipei Youth Open

Most influential person to you: Sister

Ambition: To be successful in bowling and my life


1) 2015 Singapore NAtionals Women’s Open Champion

2) 2015 Milo Junior All-Stars Girls Open Champion

3) 2015 Chinese Taipei Youth Open (Mix) Champion

4) 2012 Asian Schools 2 Gold medals

5) 2012 Singapore National Youth Open and Women’s Open 1st Runner Up

6) 2010 Asian Schools Team Bronze

High Game: 297

Highest 3 Game Series: 739

Highest 6 Game Series: 1344