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Kuek Qi En


Bowler Name: Kuek Qi En

Age: 19

Years in Bowling: 13

Why are you in the sport?: Passion for bowling

Most memorable moment: Winning 2015 Asian Schools Masters

Most influential person to you: Coaches

Ambition: To be a world champion


1) 2015 Asian Schools Masters Gold

2) 2015 Malaysian Open Youth Gold

3) 2015 Thailand Open Youth Bronze

4) 2014 Asian Intercity Bowling U22 Circuit Gold Singapore

5) 2013 Singapore National Youth Classic U23 Champion

6) 2013 NAG U21 Singles Gold

7) 2012 Milo Junior all Stars U15 Gold

High Game: 300

Highest 3 Game Series: 800

Highest 6 Game Series: 1427