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Jonovan Neo


Bowler Name: Jonovan Neo

Age: 19

Years in Bowling: 8

Why are you in the sport?: I liked it when I first played it when I was young

Most memorable moment: Getting my first perfect game

Most influential person to you: Family

Ambition: To represent Singapore and win championships


1) 2015 National Youth Championships Bronze

2) 2012 National Sch Div B Singles (Bronze)

3) 2012 COE Advanced 3rd Leg 2nd, Advanced Masters Champion

4) 2012 PBC Youth Challenge U15 1st, PBC Bowling Cships 3rd

5) 2011 PBC Youth Challenge U15 3rd, Masters U15 3rd

High Game: 300

Highest 3 Game Series: 760

Highest 6 Game Series: 1391