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Daphne Tan


Bowler Name: Daphne Tan

Age: 26

Years in Bowling: 14

Why are you in the sport?: 

Most memorable moment:

Most influential person to you: Cherie Tan



1) 2015 World Women’s Championships Team (Bronze)

2) 2015 SEA GAmes Single (Gold), Trios (Silver), Team (Silver), All events (Bronze), Masters (Silver)

3) 2015 Asian Championships Team (Silver)

4) 2012 Asian Championships – Trios (Silver), Team (Silver), All events (Bronze) Masters (Silver)

5) 2011 SEA Games Doubles (Silver), Trios (Silver), Team (Gold)

6) 2011 World Women Cships – Team (Silver), Masters (Silver)

7) 2011 Asian Championship Gold (Doubles), Team (Bronze)

8) 2007 Malaysian Open – Girl’s Open Masters (2nd Pos), Women’s Open Masters (2nd Pos)

9) 2006 National Age Group Girls U22 – Doubles (3rd Pos), Team (1sr Pos)

10) 2006 Hong Kong Open- Youth Open Masters (2nd Pos)

High Game: 300

Highest 3 Game Series: 760

Highest 6 Game Series: 1601