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Cheah Ray Han


Bowler Name: Cheah Ray Han

Age: 16

Years in Bowling: 6

Why are you in the sport?: Passion for the game since young

Most memorable moment: Winning theteam gold at Y2014 National School C Division

Most influential person to you: Parents

Ambition: Be a World champion


1) 2014 National Age Group U15: Singles – Gold, Doubles – Gold

2) 2014 National Schools C Division: Team (Gold), Doubles & All Events (Silver)

3) 2014 8th SSP Opulent International U13: 2nd Runner – up

4) 2013 Singapore International Open: U15 2nd

5) 2012 National Age Group U12: Doubles(Gold), All Events (Bronze)

High Game: 289

Highest 3 Game Series: 760

Highest 6 Game Series: 1373